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Do ppl still use tumblr lol



I wanted to make this because sometimes I forget how blessed I truly am to live in a city like this. I love my city <3 This is my home.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

rank #3 in the world for best quality of life ^^

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Olivia Steele - “You’ll miss me when I’m gone”

Olivia Steele - “You’ll miss me when I’m gone”

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When I was 3 I got strep throat and my mom brought me to the doc who then diagnosed me with bronchitis.. Ya, I know I didn’t have bronchitis… Fail… While I was taking the wrong medication my strep throat got worse and turned into something called scarlet fever. Scarlet fever is actually really rare and dangerous to get, it causes you to get extremely high fevers and because they were so high and because I was a baby the enamel on my adult teeth under my gums actually burned off. When my adult teeth came out, they came out all discolored and fucked up.. I’ve dealt with that stupid shit on my teeth for my entire life and now it’s finally gone! All abt the smiles nowwww, cheeeeeese :D

Minty and Sarah &lt;3

Minty and Sarah <3

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